Welcome to Pulsar-Network’s documentation!

The Pulsar Network is wide job execution system distributed across several European datacenters, allowing to scale Galaxy instances computing power over heterogeneous resources.


Currently, the Pulsar Network is developed in the context of the Horizon Europe EuroScienceGateway project, enabling end-users to easily access and exploit remote compute resources, and resource providers to offer compute resources for scientific purposes through the Galaxy interface.


This documentation shows how to install and configure a Pulsar network endpoint on an OpenStack Cloud infrastructure and how to connect it to useGalaxy.* server. The same Pulsar endpoint can be associated to any Galaxy instance, if properly configured.

When you reach to the end of this document, you’ll have an operational Pulsar endpoint running on your OpenStack tenant. The document covers from setting up of OpenStack details, and required steps to install the endpoint with Terraform on this created OpenStack space, using HTCondor as default Resource Manager system. Nevertheless, any Pulsar enpoint, exploiting either Cloud or HPC resurces, could be connected to the Pulsar Network.

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